Our undergraduate programme aims to give a solid grounding in the fundamental concepts of mathematics, and to deepen understanding of some of these areas.

Mathematics on a blackboard

Those who haven't studied for a long time, including those without a previous qualification (such as an A-level, O-level or GCSE) in mathematics can still study with us, provided they make careful choices about where to begin their study.

Qualifications range from degrees (3 years full-time, or 6-8 years part-time), through diplomas (2 years full-time, or 4-5 years part-time) and certificates (1 year full-time, 2-3 years part-time). If you don't need a qualification, you can also choose to study individual modules.



Need help choosing where to begin your study?

Visit the Maths Choices website to help you decide which route you should take.

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