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Our MSc in Mathematics gives graduates the opportunity to continue or revive their mathematical learning, in a way that fits with their lifestyle.

The programme delves into particular deep aspects of pure and applied mathematics, ranging from analytic number theory to advanced mathematical methods.

Leslie Walshaw MSc prizewinners

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The Leslie Walshaw MSc prize is awarded annually for excellent performance in the Mathematics MSc programme. The following are Leslie Walshaw MSc prizewinners since 2011 who have given permission for their names to be published. While earning an MSc in Mathematics is a significant achievement in its own right, we celebrate those who have demonstrated exceptionally good performance on the programme.

G Ashcroft, S Bowden, J Cockram, S Dyke, G Erskine, J Fraser, S Gupta, R Hyde, D Ireland, M Jacques, G Kling, R Lewis, R Messerschmidt, M Norton, D O'Cofaigh, A Parry, A Ramm, A Rhodes, B Roth, S Tovey, C Tripp, J Tuite, C Wells, D Whitehouse

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