Pure Mathematics

The Pure Mathematics Group is highly respected and has world-renowned researchers in the areas of analysis and geometry, and combinatorics.

Illustrating iterations of the function f(z) = (1.2 + i)cos(z) + z

Analysis and Geometry

Analysis is the study of limiting processes as applied to sets and functions; geometry is the study of the properties of Space, and includes fractals, hyperbolic geometry and topology. The analysts and geometers are particularly active in complex analysis, complex iteration theory, continued fraction theory, dynamical systems, geometric measure theory and toric topology.

The famous Konigsberg bridges problem


Combinatorics is the mathematics of discrete (usually finite) combinations and arrangements. The combinatorialists have particular interests in graph theory, permutation patterns, combinatorial designs and the theory of symmetric maps on surfaces.

Dr Silvia Barbina, Staff Tutor
Prof David Brannan, Emeritus Professor
Dr Robert Brignall, Senior Lecturer
Dr Katie Chicot, Staff Tutor
Ms Sally Crighton, Staff Tutor
Dr Gerry Golding, Staff Tutor
Mr Derek Goldrei, Associate Member
Prof Mike Grannell, Emeritus Professor
Prof Jeremy Gray, Emeritus Professor
Prof Terry Griggs, Emeritus Professor
Prof Uwe Grimm, Head of Department
Mrs Hilary Holmes, Staff Tutor
Dr Fred Holroyd, Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Sarah Mattingly, Staff Tutor
Dr Ben Mestel, Senior Lecturer
Dr Toby O'Neil, Senior Lecturer
Dr Kathleen Quinn, Senior Lecturer
Prof Philip Rippon, Professor
Dr Hayley Ryder, Staff Tutor
Dr Ian Short, Senior Lecturer
Prof Jozef Siran, Professor
Dr Claudi Thomas, Staff Tutor
Dr Bridget Webb, Senior Lecturer


Mr Argyris Christodoulou, Research Student (Full-time)
Mr Ioannis Dourekas, Research Student (Full-time)
Mr James Fraser, Research Student (Full-time)
Robert Lewis, Research Student (Part-time)
David Marchant, Research Student (Part-time)
Jakub Sliacan, Research Student (Full-time)
Ms Margaret Stanier, Research Student (Part-time)
James Tuite, Research Student (Part-time)
Mr James Waterman, Research Student (Full-time)
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Themes within Pure Mathematics