Mathematics Education

Founded in 1983, CME has as a small but active membership. 

Our mission is to support teachers involved with mathematics from nursery to tertiary.

We produce:

  • supported distance learning courses
  • books
  • packs
  • activities

based on research, to support individuals and groups working on their mathematics as learners and teachers.

We also undertake professional development work in schools and local education authorities.

The core of our approach is to work on different ways of working building on experience.

We aim to find a balance between educating awareness, harnessing emotion, and training behaviour in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Dr Barbara Allen, Visiting Senior Lecturer
Dr Katie Chicot, Staff Tutor
Dr Sue Forsythe, Senior Lecturer
Dr Martina Gibbons, Staff Tutor
Dr Gerry Golding, Staff Tutor
Mr Gerard Hayes, Lecturer
Mrs Tracy Johns, School Office Team Leader
Prof John Mason, Emeritus Professor
Ms Angie McConnell, Lecturer
Dr Cathy Smith, Senior Lecturer
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