Research highlights

Behind our research success are dedicated academics pursuing the discovery of new knowledge. Here are some highlights of their work.

Aperiodic tiling in Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Uwe Grimm's research into the mathematics behind quasicrystals.

The escaping set for the function f(z) = 1/2(cos z^(1/4)+cosh z^(1/4)).

Spider's webs: the beautiful new fractal structure discovered by Phil Rippon and Gwyneth Stallard.

The Mumps virus under the microscope

Paddy Farrington's ground-breaking self-controlled case series (SCCS) method, which provided the first substantive evidence to discredit the link between MMR and autism.

The reading heads of a hard disk

Andrey Umerski's predictions on quantum tunneling changed hard disks forever.

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