David Brannan

Emeritus Professor

I went to school in Glasgow, Scotland, and then to Glasgow University where I gained a Honours B.Sc. (Hons) in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in 1964.  I then studied at Imperial College, London, with Jim Clunie, gaining my PhD in 1967.

I then spent 1967-68 at the University of Maryland and Syracuse University, before obtaining a lectureship at Glasgow University (1968-70).  I then moved to Queen Elizabeth College, London [now part of Kings College London] for 1970-78, before gaining a Chair at The Open University in Milton Keynes, UK.  I was Head of the Pure Mathematics Department for 17 years, and then Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computing for 10 years (1996-2006).  I retired in 2007, and was then made Emeritus Professor.

I was Secretary of the Maclaurin Society, Glasgow University (1963-64) and Secretary of the Imperial College Mathematics Society (1965-67).  Then I was Council and General Secretary of the London Mathematical Society (1981-91), Editor of the LMS Proceedings (1983-86), Publications Secretary of the LMS (1986-96), and Secretary of the European Mathematical Society (1999-2002).  I also organised a range of conferences on Complex Analysis at Durham University in the 1970s and 1980s.

I served for many years as Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews (1966-2013) and Zentralblatt für Mathematik (1968-2013). 

I was also External Examiner at around a dozen universities and Teaching Quality Assessor at around ten universities over the years.

Currently I am working on updating my textbooks on Geometry and Advanced Calculus, both published by CUP.

My PhD thesis On univalent polynomials and related classes of functions was written under the direction of Jim Clunie at Imperial College.  Since then I have conducted research in univalent functions, complex polynomials, and planar harmonic functions.

Here are my publications:

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I have also supervised the research students: Peter Jelinski, Paul Hide and Taha S. Taha. 

I have also been awareded the Lomonosoff Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences, for services to mathematics research publishing.

Over the years I taught a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate pure mathematics courses in a face-to-face situation in Glasgow, London, Maryland and Syracuse universities.

I have also written material for distance learning courses for the (UK) Open University in Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry, Metric and Topological Spaces, Advanced Calculus, Lebesgue Integration, Linear Algebra, Group Theory and Geometry.  Associated with this I have made a good number of audio-cassettes and TV programmes, mostly on Advanced Calculus, Geometry and Group Theory.

Externally I have been an External Examiner at around a dozen universities in UK, Ireland and Malaysia; and been a Teaching Quality Assessor at around ten universities in UK.

I have also written two successful textbooks:

Geometry (with M. F. Esplen and J. J. Gray),  Cambridge University Press (1999), 514pp; ISBN 0-521-59193-7 (hbk) & 0-521-59787-0 (pbk).  MR 2000c: 51001.

Arabic translation:  Arab Centre for Arabization, Translation, Authorship and Publication (ACATAP - ALESCO) (2001).

This has now had a second edition:

       Geometry (2nd edition) (with M. F. Esplen and J. J. Gray), Cambridge University Press (2012), 587pp; ISBN: 978-1-107-64783-1 (pbk).

       Instructors Manual: Geometry (with M. F. Esplen and J. J. Gray), Cambridge University Press (2012);
ISBN: 978-1-107-64783-1.

A First Course in Mathematical Analysis, Cambridge University Press (2006), 453pp; ISBN 0-521-86439-9 (hbk) & 0-521-68424-2 (pbk).  Reprinted with corrections, 2012.

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