Second edition of a mathematical best-seller "Geometry"

Friday, Jan 27th 2012

Second edition of a mathematical best-seller

Cambridge University Press and The Open University have just published a second edition of a book 'Geometry' by David Brannan, Matthew Esplen and Jeremy Gray of the Mathematics and Statistics Department.Their first edition captured a gap in the literature, and was adopted by universities world-wide as a course text.

The richly illustrated textbook captures the excitement and beauty of geometry, in a unified way following the so-called 'Erlangen' approach of Felix Klein (1849-1925) in which a geometry is a space together with a group of transformations on that space. The new edition addresses various geometries, including affine, projective, inversive, hyperbolic and elliptic, and ties them all together with the 'projective hierarchy'.

The new edition is dedicated to Wilson Stothers, a Senior Lecturer at Glasgow University and much-loved OU Associated Lecturer, who died in 2009. Some of the material appeared in M203, Introduction to Pure Mathematics in 1995-2004.

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