Royal Statistical Society chooses Open University collaborative paper

Tuesday, Nov 4th 2008

The Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society has chosen "Invariant Coordinate Selection", developed with Open University collaboration by Professor Frank Critchley, as the paper to be read at its meeting in London on 17th December 2008, followed by an open discussion. All are welcome.

The paper and discussion will be published in the Society’s Journal, Series B.

Frank Critchley, Professor of Statistics with The Open University and one of the paper’s authors, said:

“Recently, researchers in different countries became aware that we had been working independently on different aspects of the same generic problem – invariant coordinate selection – a technique for revealing structure in multivariate data, whose time had clearly come! A number of us were able to get together here at The Open University to exchange ideas, from which the present paper emerged.”
The paper itself is now available for download. There's also a direct link to the full meeting details at the Royal Statistical Society

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