Professor Robin James Wilson

Sunday, Jul 24th 2005

The University has awarded a Chair to Robin Wilson, currently Senior Lecturer in the Pure Mathematics Department. Professor Wilson gained his BA in Mathematics at Oxford in 1965, and his PhD at the University of Philadelphia in 1968 with a thesis entitled "On the large sieve in algebraic number fields". Following posts at Cambridge and Oxford he joined the OU in 1972, being promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1979. He was Acting Head of Pure Maths in 1990-92, Dean in 1995-96, and Head of Pure Maths in 2003-05. He has worked on M231, M332, TM361, M203, M829, M337, MT365, M338, M208, M201, MA290, M336, A214, M381 and MST207. Professor Wilson's original research interests lay in Number Theory. These have moved over the years via Graph Theory to the History of Mathematics, particularly the last 400 years of British Mathematics. He is well-known for his books popularising Mathematics (including 'Stamping through Mathematics' and the Penguin 'Four Colours Suffice') and his public lectures.

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