OU continues to see rise in number of young students

Thursday, Aug 18th 2011

Younger students are continuing to see The Open University (OU) as an alternative to traditional university. Figures announced this week show course reservations for 2011/12 made by new students aged 25 and under increased by 18% compared to last year.

Students aged 25 and under now make up almost 17% of The Open University’s total student population, a rise of 10% from 2010, but the fastest growing group of new students reserving courses is the 18 and 19 year old whose numbers have increased by 30% compared to 2010/11. Career progression is one of the most common motivations for studying with the OU and four in ten OU graduates in this age group earn more than £20,000 within six months of graduating.

More details on the University's News website

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