The Open University tells The Story of Maths on BBC FOUR

Thursday, Oct 2nd 2008

Mathematics is the king and queen of the sciences. End of argument. Simply put, without mathematics, maths to its friends, there would be no physics, nor chemistry, nor cosmology or astronomy. Any field of study depending on statistics, geometry, or any kind of calculation would simply cease to be.

Then, there are the practical applications: without maths there’s no architecture. No commerce. No accurate maps or time-keeping: therefore no navigation, nor aviation, electricity or cars – the list of maths-dependent disciplines is endless.

In this landmark series of four films for BBC FOUR, co-produced by The Open University, Professor Marcus du Sautoy escorts viewers on a journey that takes him through the ages and around the world, to Egypt, China, India, Russia, The Middle East, Europe and America.

Robin Wilson, Professor of Pure Mathematics with The Open University and an academic adviser for the series said: "To many people, Maths is the subject they learned at school: a dry list of numbers, equations and formulas and was always so. But that’s not what maths is really like. Mathematics is a creative, fluid human activity, invented, conceived, refined and expanded on by humans."

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