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Wednesday, Dec 3rd 2008

The new series of More or Less, the lively, eclectic Radio 4 magazine programme devoted to numbers, starts on Friday 5th December at the new time of 1.30pm; you can catch the repeat on Sundays at 8.00pm.

This is the ninth series of More or Less that The Open University has been involved with.

More or Less looks at the way numbers are used in politics and economics and how they crop up in everyday life. It unpicks the statistics, finds the truth behind the figures and looks for helpful ways of making sense of the torrent of numbers on all sides.

The first programme looks at the maths of the credit crunch, asks whether fishing is more dangerous than boxing, examines the real value of the VAT decrease and asks whether house prices have really fallen by only 10%.

For more information about this series go to or contact Polly Frazer on 01908 652777 or

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