Good Practice Award

Monday, Sep 20th 2010

The five principles of the Good Practice Award cover issues such as having systems in place to monitor the gender balance of a department so that problem areas can be pinpointed. Open and transparent procedures for appointment, promotion and selection are ecommended, as are fair and equitable procedures for career progression and training. Departments are urged to take gender awareness into account when making their organisational and managerial arrangements in order to promote a culture that is inclusive and supportive. Finally, promoting and supporting flexible working practices such as part-time working, career breaks and parental leave for both sexes is suggested.

Eligibility for the award will be decided by the Steering Committee, following the receipt of a report, action plan and the recommendation of a small panel who have visited the department. Departments will be asked to nominate panel members, and the visiting panel will be drawn from the resulting pool. A fee of GBP350 to contribute towards travel expenses of the panel will be charged, with additional expenses absorbed by the LMS and HoDoMS.

The question may be asked why we need yet another scheme. For example, many departments may be being asked to sign up to the Athena SWAN charter as part of a larger university process.We think that our Good Practice Award is complementary to other awards, picking out the best features of these other schemes. It is certainly intended that a department which has Athena SWAN status can be fast-tracked to this award, and vice versa.

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