ELQ Funding Petition and Lobbying: Call to Action

Wednesday, Dec 5th 2007

The Vice-Chancellor is urging staff, students and alumni to play their part in the University’s public lobbying campaign on the ELQ issue. She says "The Government's decision to withdraw funding from 'ELQ students' will have a detrimental effect on the part-time sector and on part-time students. We should collectively demonstrate our absolute opposition to this disabling decision.”

Background information
You will find useful background information at The Vice Chancellor's Website and WriteToThem.com – a website that helps the public contact their elected representatives. You can also read on that site a transcript of the debate in the House of Lords on 3 December 2007 and see a Channel 4 News broadcast from 13 December 2007 on the topic.

Government Announcement
The Government has announced that, as of the next academic year, it will no longer be funding students in England and Open University students in Northern Ireland taking any Higher Education qualification that is equivalent to, or lower than, one they already hold. These students are being referred to as ELQ (Equivalent or Lower Qualification) students. This decision will have major funding implications for The Open University as ELQ students represent a substantial percentage of our student numbers.

How to show your support
You can show your support by: signing the OUSA petition on the Prime Minister’s website, and writing to your local constituency MP to press for the withdrawal of this policy pending the review of tuition fees in 2009 and to ask them to sign the Early Day Motion sponsored by Milton Keynes MPs Mark Lancaster and Phyllis Starkey.

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