Dr. Uwe Grimm appointed as Reader

Saturday, Sep 17th 2005

The University has accepted the Faculty’s case for a Readership for Uwe Grimm, Dr. rer. nat. habil., CPhys, FInstP. Dr Grimm obtained his Doctorate in Physics at the University of Bonn (under Prof Vladimir Rittenberg), followed by a Venia legendi for physics and Habilitation at the Chemnitz University of Technology. Since then he has held posts at Chemnitz University of Technology, University of Amsterdam, University of Melbourne and University of Bonn. He has been a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at The Open University since December 2000, and has served as Associate Dean (Research) since January 2004. In the last year he has had two excellent public exhibitions - “Celebrating Einstein Year – A week in Science” at Bletchley Park and ‘Forbidden Beauty: Quasicrystals – Advanced Materials with Novel Order and Symmetry’ at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Dr Grimm's research activities cover a wide range of different areas of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Applied and Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Biology. He has been working on a variety of diverse topics including, for instance, models of magnetism such as quantum spin chains and Ising models, solvable lattice models of statistical mechanics and related algebraic structures such as Temperley-Lieb and braid-monoid algebras, quantum algebras and conformal field theory, mathematical and physical properties of quasicrystals, spectral properties of aperiodic Schrödinger operators, spectral statistics and random matrix theory, combinatorics on words, and combinatorial properties of lattices and tilings and their connections to algebraic number theory. In recent years he has started to establish himself in an interdisciplinary research field situated between mathematics and biology, mathematical population genetics. Dr Grimm has published more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals, more than 20, predominantly refereed, book chapters or contributions to conference proceedings, two invited papers in popular science magazines (Spektrum der Wissenschaft, the German edition of Scientific American, and the IoP journal Physics World); he also co-edited a book. More than 20 of his publications have been published since he joined the Open University, and since then he has been invited to 15 national and international conferences.

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