Christmas Lecture 2010

Monday, Sep 20th 2010

Prof Chris Budd, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath and Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain will give this year's lecture entitled 'Maths in and out of the zoo' on Tuesday 7th December.


We often think of maths as stuff that you do in the classroom involving complicated formulas. But, did you know that it can also be applied to penguins and fish? In this talk I will take you for a tour of the zoo, showing how maths is important for the smooth running many of the zoo's exhibits, from the fish tank to the penguins and from the insect house to the aviary. I will even show you how maths can help at the gift shop and at the turnstiles to get in. There will be a mix of maths on show. Please bring your imagination.

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