Alan Turing Building officially opened

Wednesday, Jul 7th 2010

The Alan Turing Building, home to the Mathematics, Computing and Technology Faculty (MCT), has been officially opened by the Father of Computer Science's nephew, Sir John Dermot Turing.

Alan Turing's code-breaking work at Bletchley Park has been credited with shortening the Second World War by two years.

The Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean said: 'The plaque on this building serves as a reminder to everyone, every time they walk through these doors, that we draw inspiration from a brilliant man whose life was tragically cut short at such a young age.'

Today's events (Wednesday) began with speeches from Turing experts Dr Andrew Hodges (Oxford University), Turing's biographer; Professor Philip Maini (Oxford University, on his work on reaction diffusion; Professor Darrel Ince (OU), on his contributions to computing, and Tony Sale, founder of the Bletchley Park Museum and restorer of Colossus.

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