3 year EPSRC grant of around £600K awarded to Frank Critchley

Sunday, Dec 15th 2013

Building on earlier EPSRC awards, a Fields Institute workshop and an RSS Read Paper, this grant of around £600K will, in particular, cover 40% of Frank's time for 3 years, plus an additional 10% for the first 18 months while two funded postdoctoral researchers are getting up to speed. Academically, a variety of geometries - affine, convex, differential, algebraic, ... - have been emerging to meet the statistical challenges thrown up by advances in science and elsewhere demanding alternatives to traditional, global Euclidean geometric methodologies. Rooted in two new research areas Frank's recent work has helped create- Invariant Coordinate Selection and Computational Information Geometry - the project brings together and extends such geometries for three important, generic statistical problems: (a) dealing with model uncertainty, (b) estimating mixtures and (c) analysing high-dimensional low sample size data, such data being increasingly pervasive.

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