£384k EPSRC grant for Gwyneth Stallard and Phil Rippon

Monday, Sep 18th 2017

Congratulations to Gwyneth Stallard and Phil Rippon, who have been awarded £384k by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for a project entitled “Classifying wandering domains”. The main aim of the three-year project  is to complete the classification of the types of dynamical behaviour that can occur within the components of the Fatou set (the set of stability) arising in the iteration of analytic functions.

There is a large historical body of work classifying the dynamical behaviour within periodic Fatou components and a recent paper gives a complete description of the behaviour in multiply connected wandering domains. This project will address the outstanding case of simply connected wandering domains. There are many different types of dynamical behaviour within such domains and they have not previously been studied systematically. The development of a unifying theory will be fundamental to future work on iteration.

You can read more about Phil and Gwyneth’s research in their research highlight about spiders' webs.

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