A framework for distributed large-scale sparse regression

The event is taking part on the Friday, Nov 3rd 2017 at 11.00
Theme/s: Statistics
Location of Event: Alan Turing Room 306
This event is a: Public Seminar

Abstract: An attractive approach for down-scaling a Big Data problem is to partition the dataset into subsets before fitting. For a dataset with a large number of variables, this is best done via partitioning features, which however suffers from not taking correlations into account if not done properly. We propose a framework named DECO by applying a simple decorrelation step before performing sparse regression on each subset. The framework works for elliptically distributed features, heavy-tailed errors and a general class of sparsity penalties. Its performance is illustrated via sythesized and real data analysis. This is joint work with Xiangyu Wang at Google and David Dunson at Duke.

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External Speakers

Prof Chenlei Leng, (University of Warwick)